Row House is a network of premium boutique indoor rowing studios, delivering a low-impact, high-energy workout focused on generating team energy. Established in New York City in 2014, Row House was born from the idea that rowing is simply the most efficient, low-impact, high-energy, full-body workout for any fitness level.

The brand’s multiple workout routines are designed to unite, inspire and drive people to dig a little deeper. Though Row House only began franchising its rowing concept in 2017, there are already over 90 studios open across the globe and over 300 licensed locations. Row House is delivering on the increased consumer demand for sustainable, lower-impact workout options that reduce the risk of injury but still deliver an exciting, effective workout with a community-focused approach. With its widespread and devoted national following, Row House is leading the market, as evidenced by the astonishing amount of interest in establishing new units over the past three years.

Now, you can become a Row House franchise owner and lead an indoor rowing facility in your community. Consumers are seeking more sustainable, lower-impact workout options that reduce the risk of injury but still deliver an effective workout. In an industry traditionally built on competition within a class, Row House is different. The brand isn’t changing the experience, they’re creating a new one — one that brings everyone together, rowing in the same rhythm, the same flow and with the same energy.

Rowing is one of the best full-body workout options in fitness today.

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Backed by science and data, the benefits of rowing are unparalleled. Each workout produces maximum results by engaging over 86% of the body’s muscles (legs, core, arms, back), delivering the perfect balance of aerobic endurance and muscular strength all in one workout. Row House offers participants the opportunity to build strength, endurance and confidence with six different class types. Each class has a different focus and programming varies to help individuals progress throughout the week to avoid plateaus.

Row House’s six different class types include the following.

A rowing-based fitness program will burn calories, improve posture and strengthen the body from head to toe. Rowing has many benefits, and at Row House, there is a place for everyone, whether an accomplished athlete or a beginner.

Row House has been named a Top New Franchise (2021 & 2022) and a Fastest Growing Franchise (2021) by Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as being listed in the prestigious Inc. 5000 rankings. Row House is also part of the Xponential Fitness family of brands, the curator of the best fitness and wellness brands across every vertical of boutique fitness. With more than 25 years of boutique fitness franchising experience within each brand, Xponential Fitness has the resources and network to ensure continued growth and support for its franchise partners.

How much does a Row House franchise cost?

To open a Row House franchise, here are the financial requirements, cash required and ongoing franchise fees associated with business ownership.

Initial franchise fee: $60,000.

Initial investment: $247,116 to $483,316.

Net worth requirement: $500,000.

Cash requirement: $100,000.

Royalty fee: 7%.

Ad royalty fee: 2%.

Term of agreement: 10 years.

Row House franchising doesn’t offer in-house financing for candidates but does maintain relationships with several third-party funding sources which offer financing to cover the franchise fee, startup costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and payroll. Please review Item 7 of the 2022 Row House FDD for explanatory notes and additional details.

Why should I own a Row House franchise?

Row House is leading the industry in providing members with a workout that preserves the longevity of the body and achieves fitness goals. There are numerous benefits to consider in becoming a Row House franchise owner, including the following proof points.

Comprehensive training and extensive, ongoing support are both pivotal for success as a Row House franchise owner. In addition to over 20 hours of classroom training instruction and additional on-the-job instruction, here are examples of the specific support you can expect from Row House.

Request more information about franchise opportunity with Row House by filling out this form and begin the discovery process for your very own franchise operation.

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