United Airlines has now decided to block seats in consideration of the weight gained by passengers in the last few years.

The Mathematics

For planes to take off daily we must assume there’s a lot of math that comes into play. Mainly, the weight of passengers is equally distributed on every flight. Along with the balance and fuel requirements as well.

The general numbers used by airlines are decided by the Federal Aviation Administration. The numbers vary between male and female passengers. They also vary depending on the seasons, summer versus winter. Now the weight of a passenger isn’t just the body weight but also the sum of the weight of their clothing and carry-on luggage as well.

As of this year, the FAA has increased the weight of passengers:

According to the FAA’s reports passengers have increased by 15 – 34 pounds more in weight. 

FAA Regulates Weight Requirements

United Airlines Boeing 757’s will be experiencing most of the blocking because of FAA regulations. The winter weight averages for both males and females exceed the required amount for the Boeing 757 to fly, therefore, seats will have to be blocked from November 1st to April 30th of 2023.

We should expect at least six seats blocked per flight for each route via United Airlines Boeing 757s. 

On The Bright Side For Passengers

Passengers can benefit from the blocked seating if they choose one of the window or aisle seats. This will give those passengers more room with their seats for the same price. However, it must be for one of United Airlines Boeing 757s.