The end of the year traditionally brings with it a flurry of recaps and year-in-reviews from music streaming services. After all, whichever service you use, it’s been carefully logging all your listening habits over the past 12 months.

Not only does that mean apps can serve up music you like and might like, they’re also able to tell you, in forensic detail, the tunes that you played over the year. However, each streaming service approaches this end-of-year summary slightly differently.

Spotify Wrapped will tell you the artists you listened to the most.

Spotify’s annual summary is called Spotify Wrapped, and it has its own website—although that doesn’t really do much except guide you toward the mobile apps. You need to launch the Spotify app for Android or iOS to get at your listening history and see what music you’ve been focused on through the year.

Open up the mobile app, and you might see your Spotify Wrapped right there on the Home tab. If not, tap Search, and you should see 2022 Wrapped at the top. (You can run a search for it if it doesn’t appear straight away.) You’ll see an animated slideshow with musical accompaniment, highlighting your favorite songs and genres, and even which types of tunes you preferred at which times of day.

You’ll also see how many minutes of music you listened to, what your most-played songs were, and which artists you kept coming back to. Spotify will even ascribe a “listening personality” to you and give you a summary of your habits you can share. One tap and you can save a playlist of the songs you listened to the most.

Apple Music

Apple Music shows how many minutes of music you listened to.